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    Your brain tends to change with abuse. The neutral connectivity is altered years or months of substance misuse, forming new connections and old connections die. Additionally, drugs and alcohol hamper the normal flow of neurotransmitters, which prompt the cells to produce more or less than standard. Brain regions tend to shrink over time because of drug abuse. Above all, the body struggles to regain its equilibrium once those substances are removed.

    Detox is not only for the people who have been under the influence of drugs, but Detox Treatment Programs California is also useful for eliminating the toxins from our body which can be caused by a plethora of factors. The primary agenda of the program is to allow the body system to remove the residue of the drugs and safely manage the withdrawal symptoms from the body of the patient. You must know when we talk about alcohol and drug detox.

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    Detoxification process

    The process of detoxification aids in removing the effects of drugs so that it allows the patients to transition into the long term treatment process as the usage of drugs and alcohol for a certain period of time impacts the body not just physically but mentally also. Detox is an extremely vital step towards recovery as it helps aid the patients with various withdrawal symptoms, including dehydration, coma, stroke, muscle aches, hallucinations and many others. We at Living Longer Recovery believe in providing utmost care and commitment towards our patients to reach their goal of completely recovering from the traps of addiction.

    Hence we take some practical steps in the detoxification process. As the detox process differs from patient to patient so under Detox Treatment Programs California, we carefully study and analyze the needs and wants of our patients.

    Some of the withdrawal symptoms

    Withdrawal symptoms are nothing but unpleasant physical and mental side effects that occur after an individual quits long-term misuse of drugs or alcohol. The withdrawal symptoms tend to vary depending on the substance of abuse. Detox is quite crucial for patients who have been under the influence of drugs or alcohol for some time now. The consistent abuse of drugs and alcohol leads the patient to several mental and physical ailments. The problems don’t fade away after the patient decides to stop the usage of drugs and alcohol as they are encountered with several issues which come up due to withdrawal.

    Detoxification also helps the patients to transition from addiction to recovery. Besides this, our Drug & Alcohol Detox Treatment addresses the symptoms in the patients, which can help the experts to give the right treatment to the patients who are ideal for them. There is always a chance of falling back into the trap when patients leave drugs and alcohol abruptly. We at Living Longer Recovery provide our patients with drug and alcohol detox with our several detox programs to treat the addiction in our patients.

    Opioid withdrawal symptoms

    Muscle pain

    Benzodiazepine withdrawal symptoms


    Alcohol withdrawal symptoms


    Cocaine withdrawal symptoms

    Low mood

    What is medical detox?

    For a quite a sometime now, we have been offering the best treatments which align with the need of our patients. We offer medical detox and detoxification from drugs and other substances. Additionally, we use different methods of detox from various drugs.

    In simple terms, we put patients in the detox program for a short span to ease them in the treatment process and analyze how the patients react to the process. The detox is medically assisted which helps in reducing the symptoms associated with withdrawal. During the treatment patients are monitored when they receive specifically designed dosages and medication based on the substance of abuse.

    Things to consider when going for a Drug Detox

    For years now, our in-house rehabilitation centre has been offering Drug & Alcohol Detox Treatment, and it is designed in a unique way that it suits the need of the patients. We offer medical detox and detoxification from drugs and other substances. Additionally, we use different methods of detox from various drugs.

    A home detox kit is available for people who want to get sober without feeling ill or undergoing a long taper. No doubt, this kit claims to ease the path to sobriety through herbs, tinctures, and vitamins, but at the same time, they don't contain elements proven to speed the removal of drugs through the body. The home detox just doesn’t work effectively for Drug Detox, and if you choose to take it, then it means that you are likely merely signing up for cold-turkey withdrawal, and it isn't entirely safe.
    Besides providing our patients with a residential program for Alcohol Detox, we also ensure that we offer long term therapies and aftercare. At times, there is a chance of patients getting relapsed even after the treatment process and patients are fully recovered. Hence we choose to offer aftercare programs where we reach out to our patients regularly to check on them..

    We tend to move towards long term or short term treatment procedures after the Alcohol Detox. The process mainly depends on the needs of the patients. When it comes to the extreme cases of drugs and alcohol abuse, the residential program is the best bet, but in some cases, even out-patient therapies works. The main aim of offering aftercare is to ensure patients don’t fall back into the trap.

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