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    Family Program

    An organized program that is provided by the rehabilitation center to ensure that the family is involved in the treatment process is Family Treatment Program for Substance Abuse. The treatment program is ideal for patients who deal with substance and alcohol abuse besides co-occurring conditions and mental illness. Experts say that the treatment program plays a crucial role in the successful treatment of the patient. It also helps in monitoring the state of the patients.

    A plethora of family treatment programs has been launched to make the journey of the patients and their loved ones easier, thanks to the growing awareness of the impact of mental health disorders and addiction in a patient. Besides helping in understanding the patient’s situation in the rehabilitation center undergoing treatment, it also brings understanding to the family members.

    The Rehab Program for Family claims to give some sense of comfort in knowing that your loved ones are admitted in a safe environment and are on a path of recovery. We offer family therapy programs for patients and their families with all the essential information, guidance, and resources besides a support system to strengthen the interpersonal relationships to provide complete family recovery.

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    Family roles in addiction:

    Both families and patients need to navigate complex emotions during recovery as feelings, including guilt, resentment, loneliness, anger, jealousy, relief, and resignation, can also swirl amid the family. All these emotions can be easily voiced with the help of the Rehab Program for Family.

    Above all, families tend to make adjustments and challenge prior strategies when it comes to active addiction. The family members may engage in a wide range of activities that support themselves and their addicted loved ones during family therapy. Families can also participate in group therapy sessions, where they can learn healthy ways of expressing emotions.

    Additionally, positive communication helps in expressing emotions honestly, and good communication also leads to the ability of family members to ask for what they need. It can say “no” if needed. It allows the family to begin rebuilding trust with the patient when a patient with an addiction learns to be both honest and transparent and begins taking responsibility for some damage that has been caused by addiction.

    The family groups organized here

    Family group- At Family Treatment Program, we offer patients and their family members education about the patient’s condition and problems with regards to their substance use and mental illness or the disorders. A group facilitator leads the family groups that tend to offer families some information regarding the patient’s condition and some related issues and encourages other family members to not only participate but also share the experiences about how to relate some topics.

    The topics discussed here:

    The program gives understanding about the condition of their loved one, and they also learn about mental disease and addiction. Some of the topics discussed here include Continous Care planning, recovery management, and managing symptoms.

    Family therapy

    The therapies are provided to the patients and their families under family therapy at Living Longer Recovery. Some issues like addiction and mental illness also affect the patient’s family. A common phenomenon with the patients is the guilt feelings and undergoing family problems. Hence it is essential to counsel and help the family members during the treatment. It also encourages family members to have a healthy discussion provided there is a safe environment above all, the therapy help in finding solace in each other and helps them on the path of recovery.

    Family therapy helps family members understand why their loved one exhibits some behavior and what they can expect while their loved one is undergoing a treatment that can eliminate the feelings of grief, anger, stress, and conflict. Family members can also address some of the unique problems like the impact of substance abuse and mental illness on the family members while their love undergoes the treatment.

    Intensive Family Program:

    Ideally, the program is all about workshops and support groups and claims to educate the members about mental illness conditions or addiction. The program at Living Longer Recovery includes:
    Hence, the goal is to offer education to patients and their families. The program is mainly offered every month. Above all, the program is quite crucial.

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